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Schaeffer 132-006 Moly EP Engine Oil Treatment (6-Gallons)

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Schaeffer's 132 Moly EP (Extreme Pressure) Engine Oil Treatment (6x1 gallon case) is a highly fortified extreme pressure engine oil treatment. Moly EP Oil Treatment contains an advanced specialized additive package. The additive package is enhanced with Micron Moly and Penetro to reduce metal-to-metal contact. This will reduce wear to the engine bearings, valve train, pistons and piston rings.

Some of the benefits of Moly EP Oil Treatment are:

  • Increased compression through better ring seal.
  • Reduction in oil consumption and blow-by.
  • Reduction of sticking valves and lifters. 
  • Reduced engine friction and wear. 

Schaeffer’s Moly EP Oil Treatment can be used as an assembly lube on engine builds. 

Treatment Rate: One pint of #132 Moly EP Oil Treatment to every 4 to 5 quarts of engine oil.

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