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Schaeffer 620M Marine SYNquench Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid (5-Gallons)

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Schaeffer's 620M Marine SYNquench Fire Resistant Hydraulic (FRH) Fluid ISO 46 (5-Gallons) is a readily biodegradable, non-toxic, synthetic ester base, fire resistant hydraulic fluid (type HFD-U) recommended for all hydraulic units, machines or plants operating in hazard conditions where open flames or high temperatures are present and a risk of fire caused by a fluid leakage is high. Synquench FRH Marine reduces the flammability risk in comparison to mineral based hydraulic fluids due to the product’s higher flammability and higher ignition temperatures, which reduce the risk of fire by leakage of the fluid. Synquench FRH Marine meets the requirements for Factory Mutual’s Class II less hazardous fluid rating.

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