14 Things you can do with Citrol

14 Things You Can Do with Schaeffer’sCitrol®

Citrol® smells like oranges and cleans like crazy. Citrol® is a biodegradable, environmentally safe, water-soluble, heavy-duty, solvent cleaner, and degreaser. You Can:

Remove Road Tar and Asphalt

Remove Grease and Oil

Remove Rubber marks

Remove Ink

Remove Glue and Adhesives

Clean Dirty surfaces

Remove Soap Scum

Remove Lipstick

Remove Wax

Remove Tree Sap

Remove cigarette smoke from surfaces

Degrease floors and other surfaces

Remove stickers


CAUTION: Prolonged immersion with Citrol® may attack some plastics, aluminum, and painted surfaces. Spot test before using. Rinse with water after using. Please read the technical datasheet for more information.


9th Jun 2021 Marshall Hopkins

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