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What's So Great About Waterproof Grease?

What's So Great About Waterproof Grease?

Waterproof Grease Usefulness

Take a stroll through your equipment owner's manual or through an online boating forum, and you'll undoubtedly see mentions of waterproof grease. But what exactly is this stuff?  And, more importantly, what's so great about it?

-It's designed to last for the long haul

Waterproof grease is very thick -- so thick, in fact, that it's actually a semisolid at room temperature! It has to have this consistency so that it doesn't dissolve when it comes in contact with water or some other type of moisture. It also should have tackfier so it won't budge as the parts it's lubricating move back and forth.

-It offers a more convenient maintenance schedule

Schaeffer's 238 Moly Grease NLGI #2

You can potentially cut down on your maintenance time if you use waterproof grease. Because it's so strong and thick, it won't wash away or rub off anytime soon. Eventually, the moving parts themselves will wear it away, but a good grease can last for a very long time -- both in your equipment and on the shelf. In fact, some Schaeffer greases have a shelf life of four years!

Not only is that more convenient for you, but it's also better for Mother Nature, too. You know, the less waste you can create, the better it is for the environment!

-It can withstand very high temperatures

 After all, some types of equipment can get very hot, so they need grease that won't cringe at high temperatures. Depending on how hot your equipment gets, your waterproof grease may start to get a little thinner than that semisolid consistency we talked about above, but it will still stay firmly in place.

Certain types of waterproof grease are even better at dealing with extremely high heat. For example, Schaeffer grease 286C #2 has copper and graphite mixed into it, so it can withstand even higher temperatures than the average waterproof grease.

-It's not one-size-fits-all

When it comes to waterproof grease, the combinations of ingredients are practically endless! Greases have many formulations.  There are Lithium, polyurea, bentone, calcium complex and aluminum complex greases.

Thanks to all of these different ingredients, it's easy to get a waterproof grease that's perfect for your specific needs. In fact, a good retailer will give you the exact specifications of each specialized lubricant it carries so that you can make an informed choice. 

Always check for compatibility when switching to a new type of grease. Failing to do this could cause serious problems.

-It prevents rust and corrosion

Because of its thick consistency and strong clinging abilities, you can think of waterproof grease as a "cape" for your equipment. Because water and moisture can't penetrate the grease barrier, your equipment won't be able to rust. Not only will it make them safer over the long haul, it will also put less strain on your wallet. Spending a little more to get a quality grease can save a lot of downtime and repairs.

-It can improve fuel efficiency

If you're like most people, you cringe when you pull up to the gas pump and see the price. But, luckily, waterproof grease can help your vehicle run more smoothly. And, the less it struggles to operate, the less gas it's going to use. Even just a little bit of waterproof grease on your wheel bearings can save some big-time gas!

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