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What Are All The Uses Of Citrol Cleaner Degreaser?

What Are All The Uses Of Citrol Cleaner Degreaser?

Where Can I Buy Citrol Cleaner Degreaser First?

Okay! Let me try to answer these questions the best I can without boring you too much. One aspect to this equation is that Citrol is not sold at big box retailers. Buy1Oils has ALL of the different types of Schaeffer's Citrol including Low VOC (for California) and bulk. 

You have probably tried the watered down citrus cleaners, right? They smell good but cannot take off more than a fresh vanilla pudding spill on your trousers. Flip side, Citrol really, really, truly works great!

Citrol Cleaner

Now let’s discuss the uses of  Citrol cleaner degreaser. Around our shop and office we use Citrol nearly every day. We use it to remove coffee stains on carpet, cleaning gum off floors and wax buildup from other cleaners. Probably the most prominent use is cleaning oil stains from our concrete slab. But beyond this you can read on the can the following uses:

  • Removes Adhesives
  • Removes Asphalt
  • Removes Grease
  • Removes Wax
  • Removes Rubber Marks
  • Removes Tree Sap
  • Removes Tar
  • & More

Directions For Use:

Spray directly on stain or mess. Rinse off with water. For stubborn problems rub with brush or cloth. Newly cleaned surfaces must be completely residue-free; wipe with a cloth dampened with water. Always do a test for colorfastness.

So where can I purchase Citrol?

You can buy Citrol from  We always stock lots of Citrol for fast shipping and delivery & you can count on its freshness. We have it available In the following sizes and quantities:

And Don’t let me forget to tell you we have Buy in Bulk Discounts!