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Schaeffer 266-005 Citrol Cleaner and Industrial Degreaser (5-Gallons)

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Schaeffer's 266 Citrol® Cleaner and Industrial Degreaser (5-Gallons) is a:

  • concentrated, 
  • biodegradable,
  • environmentally safe,
  • water soluble,
  • heavy duty,
  • organic citrus base,
  • solvent cleaner and degreaser. 

Citrol® is designed for use in most any industrial, transportation or general plant maintenance cleaning and degreasing operation. Citrol® is a great choice to replace hazardous, aliphatic, aromatic, chlorinated, fluorocarbon, alkaline, acidic or petroleum solvent based cleaners and degreasers. Citrol®’s formula does not contain any unacceptable petroleum distillates, petroleum hydrocarbons or chlorinated type solvents making the product environmentally acceptable for use.

Citrol® is specially formulated from a combination of organic citrus-based solvents and a surfactant-emulsifier system. This combination provides Citrol® with the ability to rapidly clean and degrease. Citrol® will penetrate and lift various soils, dirt, inks, petroleum, oils, fats and greases so they can be easily removed by water rinsing.

Plastics, aluminum and painted surfaces should be spot tested for discoloration and surface deterioration before using.  Rinse immediately with water after use.  Please read technical data download for more information.

VOC Regulations: NOT FOR SALE IN CA (choose Citrol LV). 

CO, CT, DC, DE, IL, IN, MA, MD, ME, MI, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, UT, VA: Product must be diluted 1:15 to meet VOC requirements.

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rev 12.2023

Download Schaeffer MSDS Sheet  Schaeffer Oil Technical DATA

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