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Schaeffer 8007-012 Advanced European Performance Full SAPS 5W-30 (12-Quarts)

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  • Schaeffer 8007-012 Advanced European Performance Full SAPS 5W-30 (12-Quarts)
  • Schaeffer 8007-012S Advanced European Performance Full SAPS 5W-30 (1-Quart)
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Schaeffer’s 8007 Advanced European Performance Full SAPS SAE 5W-30 (12-Quarts) oils are designed to meet the specific performance requirements of European vehicles. Blended from a unique combination of full synthetic base fluids. Schaeffer’s European oils offer improved fuel economy benefits and enhanced engine durability. Advanced European Performance Oils keep engines exceptionally clean from harmful deposits that impact engine performance.

Full sulfated ash, phosphorus and sulfur (SAPS) formula. Designed for use in:

  • highly tuned performance.
  • advanced, four-cylinder European gasoline engines.
  • with or without catalytic converters.
  • diesel passenger vehicles without DPF.
  • light commercial vehicles that are naturally aspirated or turbocharged.

(WITH diesel particulate filters-shop item 8008)

Schaeffer's 8007 Advanced European Performance Full SAPs SAE 5W-30 meets and exceeds and is suitable for use for following specifications:

ACEA A3/B4-16; ACEA A3/B3-16; API Service Classification SL/CF; Volkswagen 502.00, 505.00; Mercedes Benz MB 229.3; MB 229.5; Renault RN0700, RN0710; Opel GM-LL-A/B-025, BMW Long Life-01.

Always consult the owner’s manual and the OEM’s recommendations for the correct engine oil recommendations. More information available in technical data download.

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rev 4.27.24

Download Schaeffer MSDS Sheet  Schaeffer Oil Technical DATA

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