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Schaeffer 2938090-012 Supreme Gear Lube 80W-90 (12-Quarts)

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Schaeffer's 293 Supreme Gear Lube SAE 80W-90. GL-5. (12-Quarts) is blended from high quality polyalphaolefin (PAO) synthetic base fluids and high viscosity index 100% pure paraffin base oils. Micron Moly®, a proven friction reducer, is added to Supreme Gear Lube to provide boundary lubrication. This gear lube also contains an extreme pressure additive package.

  • Strong protection against sludge, varnish and carbon deposits.
  • Non-corrosive.
  • Tenaciously sticks and clings to gears and bearings.
  • Will resist water and moisture. 
  • Won't oxidize or decompose at temperatures 150 to 175 degrees F HIGHER than conventional gear lubes. 
  • Reduce friction and wear, extending equipment durability and maximizing efficiency. 
  • Strong low temperature advantages.

Supreme Gear Lube contains the proper additive system to function and lubricate limited slip, positraction, and high offset hypoid gear rear ends and differentials.

Supreme Gear Lube meets and exceeds the following specifications: API Service Classifications: GL-5, MT-1 and PG-2; United States Military Specifications: MIL-PRF2105E, SAE J2360; Mack GO-J; Clark MS-8 Rev. 1; Ford M2C105A, M2C108C, M2C154-A, M2C158-A; General Motors Specifications: 9985290, 9985476, 9985044; Chrysler Specifications: MS-8987, MS-9020; John Deere J11D; Komatsu/Dresser B22-0003, B22-0005; Meritor/Rockwell O76D; Eaton-Roadranger; Terex EEMS19003; VME Americas Specifications: EEMS19003F, EEMS19107; White Motors MS0016; Volvo; Volkswagen; US Steel 224; David Brown S1.53.101 Type E; AGMA 9005-D94, AGMA 9005-E02, AGMA 250.04, AGMA 251.02; DIN 51517 Part 3 (CLP); and Cincinnati Machine P-74 and P-77.

Always consult the owner’s manual and the OEM’s recommendations for the correct gear lube recommendations. More information available in technical data download.

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rev 2.9.24

Download Schaeffer MSDS Sheet  Schaeffer Oil Technical DATA

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