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Schaeffer Moly Oil Getting To Know A Bit More About It

Schaeffer Moly Oil Getting To Know A Bit More About It

What Is Moly Oil? Where Do I Get It?

Over the years, Schaeffer oil has become the go-to lubricant in a variety of markets, from industrial to agricultural settings. Schaeffer Moly oil with soluble molybdenum is one of the varieties of this product that was manufactured as a specialized oil, for a variety of reasons. Before putting this type of oil to work, it is usually a good idea for individuals to take some time to get to know the product a bit better so that they can then make a sound decision about whether it is the right option for them. After all, with the wide range of products currently on the market, this can be a difficult decision to make.

Thermal Properties

Schaeffer Moly oils are both thermally durable and thermally stable, which is why they can be utilized in a variety of settings, from automotive to food processing equipment. The fact that the oil is able to hold up in extreme environments, such as when it is under extreme pressure, makes it particularly appealing in commercial settings, although this doesn't limit its many uses.

Manufacturing The Oil

In order to be able to manufacture Schaeffer Moly oil, the finest grade base oils are refined, such as 100% pure paraffin based oils. To allow the oil to obtain the properties that make it so appealing in such a wide range of markets, this paraffin is then blended together with non-corrosive additives that are both thermally stable and durable. These additives make up for the properties that the original oil lacked, allowing the finished product to take on a variety of characteristics that were not possible before.

Performance Advantages

The finished product is the Schaeffer Moly oil that comes with a variety of advantages, including the fact that the oil can handle operating temperatures that exceed 300 degrees Fahrenheit. This is particularly beneficial in those commercial environments where the technology might rely on these properties in order to function optimally.

When certain facets of a machine are under extreme pressures, the gears and the bearings within the machinery tend to start wearing down. This could end up causing the machinery to become vulnerable possibly put equipment and even people's lives at risk. Since this oil is able to function under such pressures, it can actually work to protect the machinery, therefore extending its lifespan and ensuring it remains in the best possible condition for much longer.

The right oil not only protects machinery, but it also helps prevent carbon deposits and even sludge from forming on bearings over time. This sludge could eventually end up eroding the seals on a machine, putting it at risk. What is more, the oil is also able to protect brass, copper and even bronze from corrosion. This is imperative in those instances where the machinery often comes into contact with water, or even wet climates.

Functioning At Higher Speeds

Not only does the Schaeffer Moly oil work at high temperatures, but it also functions well under high speeds, which makes it all the more appealing. Currently, automotive and industrial gears are being manufactured to function at very high speeds, and this is not a trend that will end any time soon. Because of this, the oils that are used to protect these features needed to evolve along with them, and many already have.

When operating at these high speeds, gears are put under even more strain, making them all the more vulnerable to wear and tear. Conventional lubricants have been designed to protect gears that function at certain speeds, but the faster they move, the more their temperatures will increase. For this reason, the right oil is imperative to promote the optimal functioning of these gears.

Shock Loading Conditions

Traditional gears have been manufactured to operate under what is called hydrodynamic lubrication conditions. This basically means that there must always be a full oil film that separates the bearings and the gears at all times. In instances where the machinery undergoes a cold startup this fluid layer can easily be destroyed. For this reason, professionals are now making use of a boundary lubricant, such as Schaeffer Moly oil, so that the bearings and the gears are not put under unnecessary strain in these instances.

It is quite common for Moly Universal Gear Lube to be combined with Molybdenum disulfide to manufacture this boundary oil. This is because the latter is able to work as a boundary lubrication because it plates the metal surfaces on the bearings and the gears. The moment these areas are plated, the oil itself will be able to withstand up to 500,000 psi, which is very high. It is important to note that the moment these bearings are coated, the oil will work to reduce the vibration, friction and wear, therefore extending the life of the equipment.

Smoother Start-ups

The oil is not only utilized to reduce wear and tear over time; it is also utilized to minimize the effects of cold welding, as well as vibration. This can occur when machinery stands idle for long periods of time. The oil works to lessen the peak power demand, as well as the starting loads, which ultimately works to save in power costs.

Adhesive Properties

Lastly, the lubricant itself is manufactured with adhesive, as well as cohesive properties that will allow the Schaeffer Moly oil to stick to the bearings and gears. This is important because it actually allows the lubrication to remain on the metal surface of the gears regardless of how many times a person attempts to wipe it away.

Understanding the properties of a product such as Schaeffer Moly oil can aid a person in making the right decision about their product when it comes to protecting their bearings and gears. It doesn't matter whether an individual is turning to this sort of product to protect their high speed racing vehicles or their farming machinery. Getting to know the characteristics that make this product unique can give a person peace of mind, knowing their machines are in good hands.

Schaeffer Moly Oil As You See Has Many Advantages

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