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The Schaeffer Advantage

The Schaeffer Advantage

Schaeffer’s Specialized Lubricants calls the switch to their products the ‘Schaeffer Advantage’.  We have found that it’s more than an advantage.  It puts you way ahead of the competition.  It’s more like a ‘Competitor Annihilator’. 

Here is the reason Schaeffer Oil is the best.  The Schaeffer Company is a family owned business in the heart of America, St Louis, Missouri.  Their company stock is locked up and cannot be sold.  This prevents them from being bought out by big business that knows nothing of oil except how to make money off the American People with it. 

Other major brands are owned by big business and stock holders.  As a result their oil, which could easily be the best, gets compromised by decisions passed down from the top to trim here and there as much as possible and still have a product that holds up to the standards they promote.  They advertise heavily and make agreements with retail stores to try to put their products on as many shelves as possible.  And for obvious reasons, the more people see it and try it, the more they’ll buy it.  Especially if it does actually perform better than the average cheap oil. 

In the battle to be the best among oils, there are some that keep coming to the top.  The average consumer finds the benefits along with racers around the country.  Big business can’t just make cruddy oil and put a great label on it and promote the heck out of it and expect to do well.  They do need to make it good.  But I assure you that they cut corners that will always prevent them from being the best.  They will only be the best among the major brands.

That’s what separates Schaeffer from the competitors.  They are focused on the end user and not the money or pleasing stock holders.  They are good people making great products for the benefit of you.  They have set up a business model that puts factory educated reps in touch with the consumer.  They do this so that they can maintain quality control to benefit you by getting the right oil for the right vehicle.  Whether you own a racecar, sprint car, excavator, dozer, dump truck, tractor or a pickup truck, domestic or foreign car, boat, motorcycle or lawnmower, Schaeffer wants to make sure your equipment is protected with the best available engine oil and additive package on the market. 

Schaeffer will only use the finest base stocks available from oil refineries.  Did you know that there are eight grades of synthetic base stocks?  That means that when you buy oil off the shelf that says ‘synthetic’, it could be that it was made with any of the eight grades available.  You can be rest assured that Schaeffer will only use the best, always.  This is also true of the non-synthetic base stocks.   Schaeffer only uses the highest grade of Pure Paraffin based oil stock to make their conventional oils and synthetic blends. 

After choosing the finest base stock they start adding two friction modifiers; Micron Moly and Penetro.  Micron moly is oxidized molybdenum that is magnetically attracted to ferrous metals.  It is five times stronger than steel and has a melting point that is twice as high as steel.  Even under the heaviest loads Micron Moly will not pound out.  And Schaeffer has the highest content of molybdenum among all major brands.  Along with Moly Schaeffer adds a proprietary product that is exclusive to Schaeffer oil called Penetro.  Penetro reduces friction by adding what is like microscopic ball bearings in the oil.  This is especially good since most engine parts contain metals that are non-ferrous along with ferrous metals.  Non-ferrous metals do not attract magnetically so they need lubrication to protect the surface other than metal alloys, such as molybdenum.  Penetro and Micron Moly stay on the parts even during cold starts to offer the best protection at all times. 

A vehicle is among your highest dollar investments.  You need to protect it with the best.  Schaeffer understands this and will make their reps and retailers available to make sure you always get the right product for you investment.

Schaeffer doesn’t stop at just friction modification, which improves fuel economy and much more.  They fill the oil with anti-wear additives, detergents, varnish cleaners, soot suspenders, acid neutralizers and other additives that are different for each application. 

Unlike other major brands that make that one miracle oil product and then sell the snot out of it.  Forgetting to upgrade the product as science discovers new ideas and innovations.  Schaeffer Oil is constantly being upgraded as new products, processes and resources come available. 

The line of Schaeffer oil products has been recently expanding to new multi-weight oils for the new demands of the car manufacturing industries.  A new addition is the 9003D for those vehicles that require the oil to be Dexos-1 compliant (You can find it here:  %%GLOBAL_ShopPath%%/9003-supreme-9000-full-synthetic-5w-30-engine-oil/ ).  The Schaeffer Company just announced that it will soon be producing Schaeffer 0w-20 Supreme 9000 Full Synthetic motor oil for vehicles that have to meet the strict demands of the EPA which requires improved fuel economy. 

It’s worth going out of your way to get the best.  In fact, it’s almost always better to pay more for something because more than likely it’s made with better parts than the cheap version.  This is true on the open market with the motor oil major brands.  But that’s not so with Schaeffer.  Sure, you won’t always find it at your local parts store, but with you can find all of Schaeffer’s Oils in one place and have them delivered directly to your door.  And even though the quality of the product should have an outrageous price tag, you will always find very competitive pricing.

  • Good pricing
  • To your door delivery
  • Manufacturer compliant oils
  • Improved fuel economy
  • And the best blend of oil available to mankind

What are you waiting for?  Make the switch to Schaeffer today. 

We call it Schaefferizing.   We are always getting converts that tell us things like:  “Wow, I can’t believe how much quieter my car runs now.”  Along with the extended mileage drain intervals and fuel economy they keep coming back for more (But not as often as they were coming back for the other major brands).  They like how they have peace of mind going farther between oil changes.

Schaeffer oil is always the right fit.  It complies with all manufacturers specifications so it won’t void warranties.   It can mix with all other oils on the market.  It can be added even to older and high mileage engines.  It’s never too late to Schaefferize.  But the sooner you start the sooner you will witness the ‘Schaeffer Advantage’.

                Note:  Other major brands include Schaeffer vs. Amsoil, Schaeffer vs. Mobil 1, Schaeffer vs. Royal Purple, Schaeffer vs. Redline, Schaeffer vs. Rotella and any other that would like to try to compare.

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