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Schaeffer 2003 HD Mill Lube (37-Lbs)

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Schaeffer's 2003 HD Mill Lube (37-Lbs) open gear lubricant offers:

  • high viscosity,
  • anti-wear with extreme pressure properties,
  • water and corrosion resistant,
  • solvent free,
  • non-asphaltic
  • petroleum resin base fluid.

HD Mill Lube has been formulated to lubricate heavily loaded open gears and bushings such as those found in:

  • sugar mills,
  • ball mills,
  • pebble mills,
  • grinding mills,
  • bowl mills,
  • cement kilns and dryers.

HD Mill Lube may be applied using either an automatic lubrication system or a sump type system, where an oiler wheel drags the lubricant and deposits it on the pinion gear. HD Mill Lube is pumpable using Lincoln and Farval systems down to -1°C (30°F). HD Mill Lube is a high-viscosity, petroleum resin base fluid combined with a synergistic blend of anti-wear and extreme pressure additives, antioxidants, corrosion inhibitors and demulsifiers.

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rev 12.2023

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